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 Get your entrepreneurial exposure!

Join the competition !

Open for individual and group.





What is Student Startups Competition ?


This event aimed to encourage students to express their creative ideas to start a business. The ideas will directly be presented in front of real entrepreneurs and investors. Furthermore, this competition is also broaden the opportunity to participate in global tech conference, broaden the horizon, and generate inspirations. Be creative and let's get the business started ! 



Where ?


Student Starups Compeition 2016 will be held in three different countries (Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam). This will broaden the change of the business world. Start up business will grow the opportunity of each individual or group to gain a lot more experience.


Who are we looking for?


Student Startups competition is looking for students with unique global insight ideas. 




When ?


Student Startups competition will be held in three different countries, Taiwan and Vietnam with the schedule as follow: 


Taiwan / Vietnam

March 2016 - May 2016



Taiwan May 12

Vienam May 14



For further information, click the link below :


How dose it go?



Step1.     Online registration, fill in team introduction and English resume


Step2.    Upload essay or group's proposal


Step3.    Admission result announcement (1st Stage)


Step4.    Preliminaries:Individual/Group


Step5.    Admission result announcement (2nd Stage)


Step4.    Indivisual:Interview/ Group:Final


Step5.    Winners announcement



What are the Prizes?



   - Round trip ticket to Singapore

   - 2016 Echelon Conference ticket entrance

   - Tech conference in Asia (coming soon)





“Opportunity, Connection, and Inspiration to describe how I felt and received from a wonderful trip like the Echelon Asia Summit 2015. It is a great place where people share their passion, ambition, and together make it real.Nguyen, Vietnamese, 2015 SSC SEA Winner




“It was a rewarding experience where I was able to establish connections and sharing our idea with other students. Winning competition, attending Echelon which is in my opinion one of the best opportunities anyone wanting to launch a startup can get. - Melissa Alvarado, Salvadoran, 2015 SSC Taiwan Winner




“As a daring student who wishes to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, Student Startup Competition has been an incredible platform for me to learn about startups and nurture my creativeness. -Tran Mai Uyen Vy, Vietnamese, 2015 SSC SEA Winner

Who is ECHELON?            

*Echelon Asia Summit 2016 will be on June 15-16 !


The Asia's largest technology conference. Known as The Pulse of Asia's Innovation. The place to meet 50 world class speakers, investors, and prominent tech corporates. Meet Asia's 60 hottest startups and see their products.


The ticket of Echelon conference will be one of the price for the SSC winners !









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